The donut temptation…

So for those of you who don’t know I am an early childhood educator and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Therefore, my lovely parents have been spoiling my entire daycare with tons of baked goodies. There have been muffins, cupcakes, brownies, pizza and yes lots of donuts. This morning, I pulled out my overnight oats that I skilfully prepared yesterday and took a bite. Just as sn fyi, 0% fat free Greek yogurt doesn’t really have any flavor. Next time I’m going to add probably a teaspoon of honey or vanilla to sweeten it a little bit… but I digress. I was sitting in my staffroom for breakfast and I was surrounded by all of these beautiful yummy goodies. The old me two years ago would have had her face in the donut box… but instead I ate my flavorless although still amazingly yummy oatmeal and felt this overwhelming sense of empowerment.

I felt like a rockstar.

I felt like superwoman.

I did not circum to temptation not even once.


And that my dear readers gave me such a high for the rest of my day.

  1. Good for you Sashy, we all know how hard it is to say no, we have said yes most of our lives.

  2. You are awesome! And great job on your blog! I’m checking it out for the first time!