The not so dreaded pedicure

As a woman…we love to be pampered. Mani’s and pedi’s are like crack to us. When I was larger…i never got a pedi. Infact, I never painted my toenails because I couldn’t reach them! But as for getting it done professionally at a nail salon, it wasn’t because my ankles were too fat or that I never showed off my chubby toes. It was simply due to one thing, and one thing only…

The massage chair.

I couldn’t fit. And if I did, I felt the judging eyes of the nail tech while I squeezed my large butt into the chair. And forget about the mechanical massages. Not only did moving my large butt around in the chair make me sweat…but I would jiggle.

Not today folks!

I climbed up in that chair and pressed every button on thst massage remote and enjoyed every second of it!

And now my toes look cute and ready for some nice weather!

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  1. Don’t worry about them, close people are important. To nail tech you are just a customer. Btw, those chairs are the reason why I’m not doing my pedicure at home. I enjoy relaxing in them while the staff is pampering me 🙂