My Raison D’Etre

Rewind 2 years ago…i was 369 pounds. Simple things like bending over to time my kids’ shoes was a horrific ordeal. Or on Saturday mornings they would wake up wanting to play with me outside and all I could do is sit on the couch. We wouldn’t be able to go for long walks in the park, or even if we were driven to the park…we couldn’t stay long because my legs wouldn’t be able to support me. I would even choose Parks based on if they had a bench for me to sit down on. Which of course meant I wasn’t in the jungle gym with my kids playing or standing up to push them on the swings. I’m lucky I didn’t create picky eaters based on the amount of times but me and my children have spent in a Drive-Thru picking up some fast food because I was too lazy to stand up and cook.

It broke me.

I needed to change. Yes of course mainly for myself and to live longer… but it was mainly for them…

Fast forward two years to now and I can now do groceries with them with no car. When we go to the park we stayed for hours and it’s usually them who tire before I do…

The surgery may have saved my life but it also definitely gave me exactly what I needed and wanted more time with my 7 and 5-year-old raison d’etres. ♡

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