Since my weight loss surgery…Part 1

Every week I will post 5 reasons I am thankful for my weight loss surgery. And although my “honeymoon” stage of my gastric bypass is over…its fun and humble to go back and be thankful for my awesome new stomach and see it as a tool for my future!

So here is my first 5…

Since my weight loss surgery…

1- Waking up in the morning and my feet don’t hurt the minute i take that first step.

2- #2 bathroom time is pretty much always regular and no longer…scary.

3- Sweating is no longer am issue. I no longer sweat. Unless I’m working out.

4- Working out is fun! I can now work out!

5- The first thing to go was my beautiful fat boobs…but so did my fat chest size, which means I can now shop at Victoria Secret!



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